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max temperature
Max. Temperature 37.0°C
min temperature
Min. Temperature 15.5°C
Nuwara Eliya
max rain
Max. Rainfall 79.6mm
Moraliya Oya (Kegalle)

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Shipping report for Sea areas around Sri Lanka
Issued by the National Meteorological Center, Department of Meteorology, Sri Lanka.
Valid period: 2024.06.20/0600UTC to 2024.06.20/0000UTC
Issued at 0300UTC on 2024.06.20

Synoptic situation:

Strong SW'ly winds over SW BOB and Northern part of SL west.
Fresh, OCNL'y strong SW'ly winds over Basses and Southern part of SL west.
Fresh, OCNL'y strong W'ly to SW'ly winds over Comorin.
Moderate to fresh W'ly to SW'ly winds elsewhere.

OCNL showers/T'showers over Lakshadweep.
SCT Showres/T'showers over SL West and Maldives.
ISOL Showres/T'showers elsewhere.

Rough in Southern part of SW BOB.
Fairly rough, rough at times in Basses and Northern part of SL west.
Fairly rough in Comorin and Southern part of SL west.
Moderate to fairly rough elsewhere.

Note: Seas can be very rough during thundershowers.
The next Shipping report will be issued at 1200UTC, 2024.06.20