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max temperature
Max. Temperature 35.9°C
min temperature
Min. Temperature 11.4°C
Nuwara Eliya
max rain
Max. Rainfall 30.5mm
Yakkalamulla ( Galle ) AWS

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Modulation of Seasonal Rainfall in Sri Lanka by ENSO Extremes

H. A. S. U.  Hapuarachchi, I. M. S. P.  Jayawardena 

3 - 11

Full Paper




Identification of Suitable predictors to Develop a Seasonal Forecasting Model for District Rainfall for the onset of Maha Agricultural Season using Climate Predictability Tool (CPT)

A.M.A.H.D. Alagiyawanna, I.M.S.P. Jayawardana   

12 - 19

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Analysis of Standard Precipitation Indices to Identify for Drought Condition in 2015, 

H.M.R.C. Herath, K.H.M.S. Premalal, A.L.I. Kaumudie, D.M.N. Sanjeewani   

20 - 31


Full Paper




Simulate Heavy Rainfall During 19th to 28th December 2014 Using WRF for

Different Atmospheric Physics

D.W.T.T. Darshika,, K.H.M.S.Premalal

32 - 40

Full Paper




The Influence of La Nina on Sri Lanka Rainfall,

Preethika Madhawee Jayakody 

41 - 49

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Synoptic Analysis of Catastrophe Heavy Rain and Strong winds over Sri Lanka on 01st June 2014,

K.H.M.S. Premalal , A.R. Warnasooriya, , A. C. M. Rodrigo

50 - 63

Full Paper




Develop Drought Monitoring in Sri Lanka Using Standard Precipitation Index (SPI),

S. Manesha, Sathya Vimukthini, K.H.M.S. Premalal  

64 -71


Full Paper




Community Base Vulnerability Mapping for Lightning Strikes in Sri Lanka,

 K.H.M.S. Premalal, Nuwan Kumarasinghe

72 - 80


Full Paper




Influence of Large-scale circulation features and El Nino conditions on Southwest Monsoon Rainfall 2015 in Sri Lanka

K A K T W Weerasinghe, I M S P jayawardena

81 - 90


Full Paper




A comparative study on cloud radiative forcing over Sri Lanka and Indian monsoon region

P.H.C. De Silva

91 - 102

Full Paper