Fleet Forecast for Area - E

Issued by the National Meteorological Center, Department of Meteorology, Sri Lanka.

Valid period: 2020.02.18/0600UTC to 2020.02.18/1400UTC

Issued at 0000UTC on 2020.02.18

To: CBO Radio/Fisheries/SL Navy/CBO Port/Coast Guard

Synoptic situation: -

Shear line is approximately along: 03S 60E, 02S 70E, 03S 80E, EQ 90E, 02N 100E.

ITCZ is approximately along: 09S 60E, 09S 70E, 11S 80E, 14S 90E, 10S 100E.


North of Shear line:

W of 75E: NE’ly /(10-15) kts, gusting up to 20 kts in section 05

E of 75E: NE’ly /(15-20) kts; gusting up to 25 kts in sections 05,25 and 30

In between Shearline and ITCZ:

W of 85E: NW’ly to W’ly/(10-15) kts,gusting up to 20kts in sections 60,65 and 70

E of 85E: N’ly to NW’ly/(05-15) kts,gusting up to 25kts in section 85

South of ITCZ:

West of 80E: SW’ly to NW’ly/ (15-20) kts

East of 80E: NW’ly to NE’ly/ (10-20) kts, gusting up to 25 kts in section 85.

Weather: -

OCNL Showers /T’Showers in sections: 65,70 and 85

SCT Showers /T’Showers in sections: 15,20,25,30,35,50,55,60,75 and 80

ISOL Showers /T’Showers in sections: 00,40 and 45

Mainly fair weather elsewhere.

Seas: -

Fairly rough, rough at times in sections 80 and 85

Fairly rough in sections 65,70

Moderate, Fairly rough at times in sections 05,10,25,30,60 and 75

Moderate in sections 15

Slight to Moderate elsewhere.



The next Fleet Forecast will be issued at 1200UTC 2020.02.18