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Satellite Images
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Max. Temperature 37.0°C
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Min. Temperature 7.1°C
Nuwara Eliya
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Hanwella (Colombo)

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For the sea areas in between 20N - 10S and 60E-100E

(Issued at 07.00 a.m. on 24th March 2019, for next three days)


Sea areas around the island



Mainly fair weather will prevail over the sea areas around the island.

Winds will be North-easterly or variable in direction and wind speed will be 10-25 kmph.


Bay of Bengal




00N-05N, 82E-90E                    : Showers or thundershowers at several places

00N-08N, 90E-100E                  : Showers or thundershowers at several places

Other sea areas                            : Mainly fair weather


00-10N, 80E-90E                          : North-easterly/ (20-30) kmph

00-20N, 90E-100E                        : Northerly to North-westerly/ (20-30) kmph

Other sea areas                   : Variable/ (15-30) kmph

Sea State:


00-05N, 80E-93E                          : Slight to moderate

Other sea areas                           : Slight


Arabian sea area







00-06N, 65E-80E                      : Showers or thundershowers few places.

Other sea areas                      : Mainly fair weather        




00-20N, 60E-70E                     : North-easterly / (25-35) kmph

00-10N, 70E-80E                     : North-easterly / (10-20) kmph


Other sea areas                           : North-westerly or Variable / (10-20) kmph

Sea State:


00-20N, 60E-70E                          : Slight to moderate

Other sea areas                             : Slight


South Indian sea area





00-10S, 80E-100E                      : Showers or thundershowers several places.

Other sea areas                           : Showers or thundershowers few places.



00-10S, 60E-70E                       : North-easterly to North-westerly / (20-30) kmph, gusting up to (40) kmph

00-10S, 85E-100E                   : South-westerly / (20-30) kmph

Other sea areas                           : Variable / (10-20) kmph



Sea State:


00-10S, 60E-40E                        : Moderate to fairly rough

00-10S, 85E-100E                      : Slight to moderate

Other sea areas                         : Slight

**Temporarily strong gusty winds and rough seas can be expected in the sea areas during thundershowers.




Duty Meteorologist

Department of Meteorology